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Current events

The IX Chigorin Memorial takes place in Saint-Petersburg October 25 - Novmber 4. Participants are:

Photos from Europe-Asia Intercontinental Chess Match here...

The European Club Cup finals take place in Crete 22nd-30th September 2001.
The event is a 7 round Swiss system.
Participants:Ivanchuk, Vassily g UKR 2731, Bareev Evgeny g RUS 2719, Svidler Peter g RUS 2695, Dreev Alexey g RUS 2690, Ponomariov Ruslan g UKR 2684, Grischuk Alexander g RUS 2669, Onischuk Alexander g UKR 2667, Sokolov Ivan g BIH 2659, Beliavsky Alexander g SLO 2659, Rublevsky Sergei g RUS 2639, Zvjaginsev Vadim g RUS 2638, Korchnoi Victor g SUI 2617 etc.
Round 4 Standings:
1. Norilsky nikel (Norilsk) 8 18.5
2. S-Petersburg LTD 7 16.0
3. Gazovik 7 16.0
4. SV Werder Bremen 7 14.0
5. Beer Sheva Chess Club 6 17.5
6. Bosna Sarajevo 6 17.0
7. Merkur Versicherungen Graz 6 16.0
8. Danko Donbass 6 14.0
9. Alkaloid 6 14.0
10. Polonia Plus GSM Warsaw 6 13.5
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Games in PGN
Internet coverage: http://www.venizelia.gr

September 21, 2001 we have the guestbook

The Europe-Asia Intercontinental Chess Match
Final Scores
Men : Europe 47.5 - Asia 24.5
Women : Europe 10.5 - Asia 21.5
Total : Europe 58.0 - Asia 46.0

Internet Equipment "Shahcom Company" suggests the unique Internet equipment for playing chess.  more...

The Europe-Asia Intercontinental Chess Match took place for the first time in Batumi (Georgia) September 17-19. The participants were:

Gary Kasparov
Loek van Wely
Zurab Azmaiparashvili
Etien Bacrot
Emil Sutovsky
Mikhail Gurevich
Maia Chiburdanidze
Ekaterina Kovalevskaya
Nana Ioseliani
Nino Gurieli
Rustam Kasimdzhanov
Ye Jiangchuan
Eugeny Vladimirov
Utut Adianto
Dao Thien Hai
Ian Rogers
Xie Jun
Xu Yuhua
Zhu Chen
Hoang Thanh Trang
After the 1st day (4 rounds) Asia leaded with 23:17. European men gained 13 against 11 but women were defeated with 12:4.
Shahcom Company provided the online transmission of games in the playing hall and via Internet.
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The official site: http://chess.batumi.net/

Anatoly Karpov 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov took clear first place with 6.5/9. "Najdorf Memorial 2001" took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from September 4 to 13. It was a Category XIV tournament with an ELO average of 2595. The competitors were the following: Karpov, Anatoly g RUS 2692, Polgar, Judit g HUN 2686, Short, Nigel D g ENG 2664, Korchnoi, Viktor g SUI 2617, Milos, Gilberto g BRA 2614, Xie Jun g CHN 2553 2.0, Ricardi, Pablo g ARG 2545, Mecking, Henrique g BRA 2552, Radjabov, Teimour g AZE 2558, Felgaer, Ruben m ARG 2471.
Final Standings: 1. Karpov - 6.5;
2-3. Korchnoi, Radjabov- 6.0;
4. Short - 5.0;
5-6. Xie Jun, Polgar - 4.5;
7. Felgaer - 4.0;
8-9. Mecking, Ricardi - 3.5;
10. Milos - 1.5;
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Games in PGN
Internet coverage: http://www.ajedrezsiglo21.com/Najdorf2001/ (English) and http://www.miguelnajdorf.com.ar (Spanish) The official site gives tournament information, including live games, crosstable, games for download, news, photos and comments. Thanks Gustavo Albarran for information.

The FIDE President, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, has approved Moscow as the host city for this year's World Chess Championship and Women's World Chess Championship matches on the press-conference. The preliminaries to semi-final rounds of the World Chess Championships shall be held concurrently with the entire Women's World Championships starting 24 November and ending 11 December 2001, while the 8 round Final Match will be held beginning 3rd of January until 13 January 2002. more

September 7, at 14:00 took place the press-conference, where was declared that Botvinnik's memorial will take place in Moscow with participation of Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik. The round will be held beginning 30 of November until 12 of December.

Garry Kasparov denies to take part in Braingames qualification and insists on the match-revenge vs Vladimir Kramnik.

The traditional (55years) "Moscow Lightning Tournament" took place September 2nd 2001 sponsored by the newspaper "Evening Moscow". This year participated: Alexander Morozevich, Moscow (2749), Evgeny Bareev, Moscow (2719), Alexander Khalifman, Saint-Petersburg (2700), Peter Svidler, Saint-Petersburg (2695), Alexei Dreev, Moscow (2690), Alexander Grischuk, Moscow (2669), Sergei Rublevsky, Kazan (2639), Vadim Zvjagintsev, Moscow (2638), Sergei Shipov, Moscow (2625), Evgeni Vasiukov, Moscow 2530 and the winners of the semifinals. The final is a round robin tournament with 20 paticipants and starts at 11.00 Moscow time (+3GMT).
Final results:
1. Rublevsky - 14.0
2-3. Svidler, Morozevich - 13.5
4-5. Korotylev, Zvjagintsev - 12.5
6. Dreev - 11.5
7-8. Grischuk, Bareev - 11.0 etc.
The table
Internet site: http://www.blitz.chessmoscow.ru

The European Championship 2002 (ECC) will take place in Groningen. The details see below at the Future events section.
Our thanks for the information to Mr.Johan Zwanepol, executive director.

Peter Acs Acs Peter - World Champion among boys up to 20 years. Koneru Humpy (IND) among girls. The Municipality of Peristeri in Athens, Greece provided the 2001 World Junior Chess Championship for boys & girls up to 20 years old. The games are played during August 16-29 in the Exhibition Center of Peristeri, Athens. Participants: Boys: Ni, Hua FM 2568 CHN, Aronian, Levon GM 2562 ARM, Bu, Xiang GM 2553 CHN, Potkin, Vladimir IM 2530 RUS, Shaposhnikov, Evgenij IM 2519 RUS, Miton, Kamil IM 2516 POL, Acs, Peter GM 2514 HUN etc., Girls: Xu, Uanyuan WFM 2431 CHN, Korbut, Ekaterina WIM 2413 RUS, Kosintseva, Tatiana WFM 2397 RUS etc.
Final standings:
1. Acs Peter (HUN) - 10.0
2-3. Gagunashvili Merab (GEO), Aronian Levon (ARM) - 9.5
4. Ni Hua (CHN) - 9.0
5-11. Azarov Sergei (BLR), Bu Xiangzhi (CHN), Izoroa Zviad (GEO), Shaposhnikov Evgeny (RUS), Miton Kamil (POL), Roiz Michael, Horvath Adam - 8.5
12-17. Sargissian Gabriel (ARM), Mahesh Chandran (IND), Palliser Richard, Markos Jan, Schenk Andreas, Vajda Levente - 8.0 etc.
18-30 Navara David, Berg Emanuel, Korobov Anton, Postny Evgeny (ISR), Stryjecki Marek, Du Shan, Bakre Tejas (IND), Mastrovasilis Dimitrios, Gomez John Paul, Kristjansson Stefan, Schneider Dmitry, Bar Roman, Alvarez Johan - 7.5 etc.
1-2. Koneru Humpy (IND), Zhao Xue - 9.5
3-4. Kosintseva Nadezhda, Gu Xiaobing - 9.0
5-8. Mkrtchian Lilit, Xu Yuanyuan (CHN), Dzagnidze Nana, Charkhalashvili Inga - 8.5
9-14. Khukhashvili Sopiko, Meenakshi S, Aarthie Ramaswamy, Jackova Jana, Calotescu Cristina, Sergeeva Maria - 8.0
15-20. Kosintseva Tatiana, Paehtz Elisabeth, Zimina Olga, Radziewicz Iweta, Hryhorenko Natalia, Klipper Rebecca - 7.5 etc.
Games in PGN
The games are covered through the Internet by Greek Chess Online, the leading Greek Chess Vortal at the official website: www.greekchess.com/pagosmio
Thanks for information: IM George Mastrokoukos, Greek Chess Federation Presidential Board Member

Etien Bacro Etien Bacro became the Champion of France!
The 76th French Championships took place in Marseille 12th-25th August. Participants: Lautier Joel 2675, Bacrot Etienne 2654, Fressinet Laurent 2606, Sokolov Andrei 2604, Dorfman Iosif 2602, Degraeve Jean-Marc 2602, Bauer Christian 2576, Vaisser Anatoly 2556, Nataf Igor 2532, Apicella Manuel 2518 etc.
Tie-break for the 1st place:
Bacrot-Degraeve 1/2
Vaisser-Bacrot 0-1
Degraeve-Vaisser 0-1
Degraeve-Bacrot 0-1
Bacrot-Vaisser 1/2
Final standings:
1. Bacrot - 7.0
2. Vaisser - 7.0
3. Degraeve - 7.0
4. Bauer - 6.5
5. Relange - 6.0 6. Sokolov - 6.0 7. Dorfman - 6.0 8. Fontaine - 5.5 9. Lautier - 5.5
10. Apicella - 5.0
11-12. Hauchard, Fressinet - 4.5
13. Belkhodja - 4.0
14. Koch - 2.5
15. Chabanon - 2.0
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Games in PGN
Internet coverage: http://www.echecs.asso.fr/

Mikhail Botvinnik August 17 Chess World celebrates the 90 anniversary birthday of 6th World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik - the founder of the Soviet chess school . Read the article about Mikhail Botvinnik

A match Europe-Tatarstan on the 6 boards took place in Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia) August, 15-16. It was devoted to the 1000 anniversary of Kazan. Time control was 1hour 35 min. on 40 moves.
Participants: Europe - A.Karpov (RUS), A.Khalifman (RUS), V.Korchnoi (SUI), M.Chiburdanidze (GEO), V.Akopian (ARM), V.Bologan (MDA).
Tatarstan -A Dreev, S.Rublevsky, A.Kharlov, A.Galliamova, I.Ibragimov, A.Timofeev.(All Russia.)
The total score of the match - 6:6.
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Games in PGN

1st day:
1.Dreev - Karpov 1/2
2.Rublevsky - Khalifman 1/2
3.Kharlov - Korchnoi 1/2
4.Galliamova - Chiburdanidze 1/2
5.Ibragimov - Akopian 1/2
6.Timofeev - Bologan 1-0
    2nd day:
1.Karpov - Dreev 1/2
2.Khalifman - Rublevsky 1-0
3.Korchnoi - Kharlov 1/2
4.Chiburdanidze - Galliamova 1/2
5.Akopian - Ibragimov 0-1
6.Bologan - Timofeev 1-0

We added new books issued 2001 in Russia A.Suetin "How to play an opening", Y.Averbakh, A.Kotov, M.Yudovich, "Chess school", I.Bondarevsky "Combination in the middlegame", E.Lasker "Manual of chess", Y.Vladimirov "1000 chess problems", Y.Averbakh "The school of the endgame", V.Pozharsky "Chess manual" to our Store with more than 1000 books!

Anatoly Karpov This year Chess World celebrates jubilees of two great chess players of the XX century - Anatoly Karpov and Max Euwe. They are join not only the close birthday (difference is 50 years and 3 days) but also a very high professionalism. Max Euwe
The history certainly will judge but the overwhelming majority of Old Game lovers consider Anatoly Karpov as a genial Chess Player and Max Euwe as a genial President of the International Chess Federation.
Read the articles about Karpov and Max Euwe.

New FIDE rating list is here.

Dear friends! We launch a new project - the electronic chess magazine "ShahForum" edition. In the 1st issue there are presented 50 annotated games by Russian Grandmasters: Mark Taimanov, Konstantin Sakaev, Konstantin Aseev, Sergey Ivanov, Ruslan Scherbakov, Aleksei Lugovoi, Evgeniy Solozhenkin, Vasily Yemelin, Sergey Ionov, Valery Loginov. You can familiarize yourself with its content and get the magazine by email.

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Future events

The European Youth Chess Championships 2001 will take place August 30th, September 10th, Halkidiki, Greece.
There is also the 72nd F.I.D.E. Congress (September 4th to 10th, Halkidiki, Greece) for the new time limits and the new format of World Championship.
The Organizing Committee publishes an open invitation for all the Chess personalities.
Web Coverage for both events: www.sportmeeting.org
Thanks for the information Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou.

The 4th Malbork Castle Cup (Poland) will take place 08-09 September 2001.
The Castle Malbork was honoured with an entry into UNESCO's List of the World's Cultural Heritage. 1st prize 1200 PLN (600DM).
For detailed information look at: skoraf.republika.pl/index.htm

11th International chess tournament "BATTLE OF CRETE" will take place 20th-22th September 2001, Crete, Greece. The 1st prise 250.000 drs.
Live broadcast of the games in the site: www.venizelia.gr.

17th EUROPEAN CLUB CUP IN CRETE will take place 22th-30th September. 45 teams from 25 countries have already confirmed their participation in the 17th ECC:
Merkur Versicherungen Graz, SK Hohenems (AUT), Rochade Eupen & Koninklijke Antwerpse-Ons Schaakgenoegen Kempen (BEL), Vesnianka (BLR), HOLDIA DP Praha (CZE), Helsinge Skakklub (DEN), Chessclub Garde Helsinki & Joensuu Chessclub (FIN), Club de Clichy (FRA), SV Werder Bremen & Schachfreunde Neukolln 03 (GER), Miskolc SSC (HUN), Bray Chess Club & Dublin Chess Club (IRL), C.C.Reykjavik, Hellir.C.C. & C.C.Akureyri (ISL), Beer Sheva Chess Club, ASA Tel Aviv Chess Club & Herzlia Chess Club (ISR), Cercle des Echecs Gambit Bonnevoie & Cercle des Echecs Dudelange (LUX), ULIM Moldova (MDA), Ordina Brenda (NED), Asker SK кбй Randaberg SK (NOR), Polonia Plus GSM Warsaw & Chess Association Plock (POL), S.Petersburg LTD, Norilsky nikel (Norilsk) & Gazovik (RUS), SK Rockaden (SWE), Monmouth Chess Club & Nidum Chess Club (WLS), SK Slovan Bratislava (SLO).
From the teams that announced the names of their chess players, it is known that the GM Vasili Ivanchuk and Evgeny Bareev will participate in the games with Polonia Plus GSM Warsaw, while the GM Alexander Beliavsky and Alexander Chernin are going to play with Merkur Versicherungen Graz.
will be live broadcast of the games in the site: www.venizelia.gr
Thanks MARY VIGLIRAKI for the information.

European championship at Rapid and Blitz chess among women will take place October, 2-7 in Minsk, Byelorussia.
Time-limit of the championship

OAA Heraklio Chess Club, Epimenidis Cultural Company and the Greek Chess Federation are announcing the 2001 Panormo open tournament, part of the 2001 European Grand-Prix.
The tournament will be held in Crete, Greece from October 20 until October 27 with a total prize fund of more than 3000 Euros (1st prize: 1000 Euros).
Official website: http://www.greekchess.com/panormo
Thanks Korina Miliaraki - the president of the Organizing Committee for the information.

"Silbernen Springer" Chess festival will take place October 27th, 28th, Wolfsberg, Austria.
For more details mail to: [email protected]

International open of Corsica, will take place October 28/31st, prise fund 600 000 (91 500 euros)
For more precisions:www.opencorsica.com

The European Championship 2002 (ECC) will take place in Groningen:
Qualifier World Chess Championship 2002
13 rounds: Thursday December 20 - Friday January 4
Inscriptions only by the federations

Women Grandmaster Tournament (WGM)
11 rounds: Saturday December 22 - Thursday January 3
Invitation Tournament

Gasunie Young Masters (GYM)
11 rounds: Saturday December 22 - Thursday January 3
Invitation Tournament

Open Grandmaster Tournament (OGM)
10 rounds: Thursday December 20 - Sunday December 30
Players rated > 2100
1 st prize Dfl. 4000.-.
Entry fee Dfl. 150.-; born in 1983 or after Dfl.75.-.
GM,IM>2450;WGM,WIM>2250 free.
rating>2450;GM,IM<2450;WGM,WIM<2250 Dfl.75.-.
Rate of play : 40/2; 20/1; + 15 minutes

Open Rating Tournament A/B
9 rounds: Thursday December 20 - Saturday December 29
Open A : players rated > 1750, < 2150
1st prize Dfl. 1500.-
Entry fee Dfl. 110.-; born in 1983 or after Dfl. 75
Open B : players rated < 1800
1st prize Dfl. 1000.-
Entry fee Dfl. 85.-; born in 1983 or after Dfl. 65
Rate of play: 40/2; 20/1; + 15 minutes

Mini Tournaments
5 rounds: Thursday December 20 - Monday December 24 (MV)
Wednesday December 26 - Sunday December 30 (MN)
Players rated < 2300 ; 1st prize Dfl. 300.-
Entry fee Dfl. 65.-; born in 1983 or after Dfl. 45.-
Rate of play: 40/2; + 30 minutes

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Past events

Gallagher, Joseph     Joseph Gallagher from Switzerland became the winner of the British Chess Championships that took place July 30th to August 11th.
Final Standings:
1. Gallagher, Joseph G g SUI 2516 8.0
2-8. Hodgson, Julian M g ENG 2581; Arkell, Keith C g ENG 2431; Wells, Peter K g ENG 2510; Emms, John M g ENG 2532; Gormally, Daniel m ENG 2481; Lalic, Bogdan g ENG 2528; Hebden, Mark g ENG 2550 7.5
9-13. Ward, Christopher g ENG 2493; Shaw, John m SCO 2478; Rowson, Jonathan g SCO 2514; Summerscale, Aaron g ENG 2510; Turner, Matthew m ENG 2511 7.0
14-18. Chandler, Murray G g ENG 2540; Pert, Nicholas f ENG 2475; Lane, Gary W m AUS 2464; Palliser, Richard f ENG 2337; Crouch, Colin S m ENG 2407 6.5
19-30. Ansell, Simon m ENG 2376; Pert, Richard G f ENG 2245; Knott, Simon J.B f ENG 2373; Kelly, Brian m IRL 2458; Hanley, Craig ENG 2278; Zhao Zong-Yuan m AUS 2359; Williams, Simon m ENG 2369; Ledger, Andrew m ENG 2418; Ghasi, Ameet K ENG 2188; Moore, Gerald ENG 2194; Singh, Gurpreetpal IND 2302; Simons, Martin ENG 2215 6.0
31-41. Miles, Anthony J g ENG 2565; D'Costa, Lorin ENG 2155; Addison, Bret ENG 2218; Blackburn, Joathan Lb WLS 2115; Broomfield, Matthew ENG 2271; Tan, Desmond ENG 2253; Berry, Neil SCO 2256; Lyell, Mark ENG 2219; Conlon, Joseph P ENG 2191; Briggs, Philip J ENG 2200; Lappage, Jonathan ENG 2208 5.5
42-50. Eames, Robert ENG 2333; Jackson, Adrian ENG 2230; Walker, Martin ENG 2109; Buckley, Melanie ENG 2118; Collins, Sam IRL 2194; Buckley, Simon T ENG 2268; Burnett, James ENG 2209; Waters, Clive L ENG 2147; Jones, Gawain C ENG 2206 5.0
View games
Games in PGN

Konstantin Sakaev     One more our compatriot Konstantin Sakaev became the winner of the "Paul Keres Memorial", which took place July 25th - 31th July in Tallinn, Estonia. Participants were: Sakaev, Konstantin RUS 2630, Kengis, Edvins LAT 2572, Gavrikov, Viktor LTU 2567, Kveinys, Aloyzas LTU 2535, Kulaots, Kaido EST 2529, Miezis, Normunds LAT 2524, Yemelin, Vasily RUS 2507, Rytshagov, Mikhail EST 2501, Lugovoi, Aleksei RUS 2485, Cmilyte, Viktoria LTU 2464, Stepovaia-Dianchenko, Tatiana RUS 2451 etc.
Final results:
1. Sakaev - 7.5
2. Gavrikov - 7
3-9. Miezis, Kveinys, Rytshagov, Lugovoi, Sepp, Khamatgaleev, Yemelin - 6.5 etc.
View games
Games in PGN
Internet coverage:http://www.malekeskus.ee

Victor Korchnoi     Our outstanding compatriot Victor Korchnoi became the winner of the supertournament at 70 age! Hardly somebody will compare with him.
The 34th Biel International Chess Festival took place from July 21st to August 4th.. Participants: Boris Gelfand, 2704 (ISR); Peter Svidler, 2695 (RUS); Joel Lautier, 2675 (FRA); Alexander Grischuk, 2669 (RUS); Yannick Pelletier, 2531 (SUI), Victor Korchnoi, 2617 (SUI).

Final Standings
1. Korchnoi - 6
2. Svidler - 5.5
3. Gelfand - 5
4-6. Pelletier, Lautier, Grischuk - 4.5
View games
Games in PGN
Internet coverage:http://www.bielchessfestival.ch/site/start_e.htm

Alexei Shirov     The rapidplay supertournament "Liepaja's Rocade" took place in Liepaja (Latvia) August 2nd-4th. Alexei Shirov won the event with 8/11.
Final Standings:
1. Alexei Shirov - 8
2-3 Jaan Ehlvest, Alexander Shabalov - 6.5
4-5. Darmen Sadvakasov, Alexander Wojtkiewicz - 6
6-8. Alexander Khalifman, Maxim Dlugy, Aloyzas Kveinys - 5.5
9. Edvins Kengis - 5
10. Daniel Fridman - 4.5
11. Utut Adianto - 4
12. Jordi Magem Badals - 3
Official website:http://www.liepaja-online.lv/sahs/

Presov Chess Festival took place 11.8 - 19.8.2001 (9 rounds) and will include: International Championship of Slovakia 2001 (OPEN) and National Open.
Further informations: www.chess.vadium.sk/presov

Garry Kasparov won six blitz games match vs Greek Champion Hristodoulos Banikas with the score 5.5:0.5. Read his interview from www.chess.gr

Vladimir Kramnik     Vladimir Kramnik became the winner of the super-tournament. The "Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting 2001" took place in Dortmund from July 12 to 22. Participants: Vladimir Kramnik 2802 (Russia), Viswanathan Anand 2794 (India), Michael Adams 2744 (England), Alexander Morozevich 2749 (Russia), Peter Leko 2730 (Hungary) and Veselin Topalov 2711 (Bulgaria). Average rating 2755, XXI cat. FIDE.
Our site provided the online annotations of games.

We'll publish the results of the tournament by Valerij Popov.

The 10th round was annotated by St.Petersburg Champion GM Valerij Popov.
The 9th round was annotated by St.Petersburg Champion GM Valerij Popov.
The 8th round was annotated by GM Konstantin Aseev.
The 7th round was annotated by GM Sergey Ivanov.
The 6th round was annotated by GM Sergey Ivanov.
The 5th round was annotated by St.Petersburg Champion GM Valerij Popov.
The 4th round was annotated by GM Konstantin Aseev.
The 3rd round was annotated by GM Sergey Ivanov.
The 2nd round was annotated by IM Sergey Soloviov.
The 1st round was annotated by GM Konstantin Aseev.

Final standings:
1. Kramnik - 6.5 (30.75)
2. Topalov - 6.5 (28.25)
3. Leko - 5.5
4. Morozevich - 5.0
5. Adams - 3.5
6. Anand - 3.0
View games
Games in PGN
Internet coverage: www.chessgate.de
Thanks Carsten Hensel for the information.

The 7th Tan Chin Nam Cup took place in Shanghai 9th-18th July 2001.
Participants: Alexey Dreev 2690 (RUS); Ye Jiangchuan 2671 (CHN); Ivan Sokolov 2659 (BIH); Vuktor Bologan 2655 (MDA); Xu Jun 2655 (CHN); Peng Xiaomin 2648 (CHN); Vladislav Tkachiev 2642 (FRA); Zhang Zhong 2632 (CHN); Michal Krasenkow 2573 (POL); Ni Hua 2528 (CHN).

Final Standings:
1-3. Krasenkow, Bologan, Ye Jiangchuan - 5.5;
4-7. Sokolov, Zhang Zhong, Xu Jun, Dreev - 4.5;
8. Peng Xiaomin - 4.0;
9. Tkachiev - 3.5;
10. Ni Hua - 3.0.

View games
Games in PGN

The 16th North Sea Cup was held in Esbjerg, Denmark July 6-14 2001. Participants: Sutovsky, Emil g ISR 2651, Hansen, Curt g DEN 2626, Rustemov, Alexander g RUS 2607, Van den Doel, Erik g NED 2607, Speelman, Jonathan S g ENG 2603, Nielsen, Peter Heine g DEN, Rozentalis, Eduardas g LTU 2588, Schandorff, Lars g DEN 2551, Nataf, Igor-Alexandre g FRA 2527, McShane, Luke J g ENG 2511.
Final standings:
1-2. Nielsen, Sutovsky - 6.5
3-4. Rozentalis, McShane - 5.0
5-6. Schandorff, Hansen - 4.5
7. Speelman - 4.0
8. Rustemov - 3.5
9. Nataf - 3.0
10. Van den Doel - 2.5
View games
Games in PGN
Internet coverage: http://home1.inet.tele.dk/tpherman/vh2001/1index.htm

The 14th Dr. Milan Vidmar memorial took place in Portoroz (Slovenia) July 3rd - 11th 2001. Participants: Gelfand, Boris g ISR 2704, Beliavsky, Alexander G g SLO 2659, Crisan, Alexandru g ROM 2635, Macieja, Bartlomiej g POL 2588, Sermek, Drazen g SLO 2570, Kozul, Zdenko g CRO 2556, Volokitin, Andrei m UKR 2551, Pavasovic, Dusko g SLO 2539, Mikhalchishin, Adrian g SLO 2518, Mohr, Georg g SLO 2484.
Final standings:
1. Beliavsky - 6.5
2. Gelfand - 6.0
3. Volokitin - 5.5
4. Kozul - 5.0
5-7. Mikhalchishin, Pavasovich, Mohr - 4.5
8-9. Sermek, Macieja - 4.0
10. Crisan - 0.5
View games
Games in PGN
Internet coverage: www.sah-zveza.si/mv/14/

The international GM tournament in Clichy took place June 25th- July 3rd. It was a presentation of the 20 years of the Clichy Chess Club, the French leading chess club since 1981 ! The players were: Mikhail Gurevich 2694, Pavel Tregubov 2628, Joel Lautier 2658, Christian Bauer 2618, Jean-Marc Degraeve 2589, Igor Nataf 2552, Manuel Apicella 2518, Olivier Renet 2494, Stuart Conquest 2546 and Mark Hebden 2522.
Final standings:
1. Conquest - 6.0
2-3. Lautier, Hebden - 5.5
4. Gurevich - 5.0
5-6. Tregubov, Bauer - 4.5
7-9. Nataf, Apicella, Degraeve - 4.0
10. Renet - 2.0
View games
Games in PGN
Internet coverage: www.echecs.com and www.chessgalaxy.com/clichy At the latter one you can find some interviews and main events illustrated by photographs.
Our thanks to Jean-Michel Pechine for the information.

Viswanathan Anand     Viswanathan Anand won the match 6.5:5.5. The 10 game rapid play match was drawn, Anand won the playoff 1.5:0.5.
A match between Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik in rapid chess took place June 26th - July 1st in Mainz as a main event of a big chess festival. They played ten games - two games per day.
View games
Games in PGN
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The third edition of the Olympic Capital Young Masters tournament took place May 20th-27th. Invited were the 8 best juniors of the world ranking list published by the FIDE on 31.12.2000. Furthermore the organising comitee invited 4 additional players to complete to 12 participants.
The final list of participants was the following: GM Ponomariov (Elo 2677), GM Bacrot (Elo 2618), GM Sasikiran (2601), GM Bruzon (junior world champion, Elo 2584), GM Bu (youngest titled GM, Elo 2558), MI Ghaem Maghami (Iran, Elo 2554), GM Aronian (Elo 2522), GM Harikrishna (Elo 2500), IM Jenni (Elo 2493), IM Volokytin (Elo 2466), WF Zhao (Elo 2440), WGM Kosteniuk (Elo 2402).
At the same time May 22th-27th is held the Olympic Capital MASTERS Open (9 rounds). Have registered : GM Graf (former Nenashev!!), GM Vladimirov, GM Bauer, GM Tukmakov, GM Adianto, GM Pinter, GM Sokolov, IM Dominguez, GM Gelashvili, GM Hebden, IM Czebe, GM Gallagher and other GM's and IM's.
It was an online transmission of games at the official web site: www.lausanneyoungmasters.com which is provided by our Shahcom Company.
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From the preliminary stage quaified GM Bu CHN, GM Aronian ARM, GM Harikrishna IND and IM Volokitin UKR.
From the Quaterfinal qualified GM Bacrot (2618) FRA vs Aronian (2522) ARM, GM Sasikiran (2601) IND vs Harikrishna (2500) IND, GM Bruzon (2584) CUB vs GM Bu (2558) and IM Volokytin (2466) UKR vs GM Ponomariov (2677) UKR.
Final standings:
1. Bruzon
2. Bacrot
3. Sasikiran
4. Volokitin
5. Aronian
6. Ponomariov
7. Bu
8. Harikrishna

Ponomariov 1/2,0-1
Bu 1/2,1/2
Bruzon 0-1,1/2
Harikrishna 1/2,1/2
Sasikiran 1/2, 0-1
Bacrot 1/2,1/2
Aronian 1-0,0-1,1-0,0-1,1-0

Gary Kasparov     Gary Kasparov became the winner of the supertournament after defeating Vladimir Kramnik in the last round. He overcame a psychological problem winning in the Berlin Defence. In Kazakhstan capital Astana took place a super-tournament 20th cat., devoted to the 10th anniversary of the independence of Kazakhstan. In a double round robin event participated were Garry Kasparov (2835), Vladimir Kramnik (2797), Alexander Morozevich (2749), Alexey Shirov (2722), Boris Gelfand (2712) and Kazakhstan's top player Darmen Sadvakhasov (2585).
Final standings:
1. Kasparov - 7.0
2. Kramnik - 6.5
3. Gelfand - 5.5
4. Shirov - 4.5
5. Morozevich - 4.5
6. Sadvakasov - 2.0
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Nona Gaprindashvili     3 May 2001 is the 60th anniversary of Nona Gaprindashvili.
We wish many happy returns of the day to her. You can read an article about this outstanding woman.

Vasilij Smyslov     The 7th world champion Vasilij Smyslov became 80! Our best wishes to him and an article about this outstanding person.

Victor Korchnoi     23 March 2001 is the 70th anniversary of Victor Korchnoi.
We wish many happy returns of the day to him. On our site you can read an article about our out-standing compatriot.
Our thanks to all those who sent the congratulations. We have passed them to Victor Korchnoi.

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