Valerij Popov Valerij Popov,
July, 22 2001.

Hello dear chess lovers! "Russian chess" finishes reports from Dortmund. It's time to gather in harvest! I should notice from the today's games... all!! So:

Morozevich-Kramnik. Young Russian is on the rise in the tournament and it is worth to try to reach Leko. But the win in this game can bring Vladimir the first place. A weird encounter in possible here.

Anand-Leko. Vishi has a chance to leave the last place... anyhow white... Peter stands rather well in the tournament but I think there shouldn't be a short draw.

Topalov-Adams. The real chance for Veselin to finish at the first place. The last endeavor ....and!

The openings' review soon - be with us!

Mda.. I have noticed Vishi in vain... Draw with white in 11 moves... Seems like he really has no strengths. My congratulations to Peter with the 3rd place, and Vishi with last.... But it's good for me - not so much work! :)
Anand-Leko (B41). By the way do you know that "Informator" changes the indexes quietly? Check your openings! :) And it's unclear why B41? It's told by ICC - sorry! But index is B40! Vishi made rare (and doubtful in advantage's point of view) move 5.Bd3 in the Sicilian with 2..e6 4...Nf6. But Peter was ready - 8...Bg4! like was in the game Varga-Adorjan (Team ch Hungary 1999). It means Peter was taught by older fellows! :) True, 9...Be6 wasn't to be find but after 10.Qe2 the game led to a position like after 8...Be6 9.Qe2. Here are some ancient examples - Thomas-Euwe, Hastings 1938 0-1 :-). White has no any advantage. Peters knows everything again - and pained Anand offered draw... :)

Suddenly one more game is finished - Topalov-Adams (C42) - draw! In popular nowadays Petroff's defence rather rare line 9.Re1 - Adams gave the d5 pawn after 17...Qc7!?N. Kramnik equalized without troubles by 17...Qc6 in the game against Topalov (FIDE-Wch k.o. 1999). Perhaps it's not so easy and Mikki checks new active continuation. Such nerves for the last round! Black has standard compensation for the pawn as two bishops and better pawn's structure. In the final position Black can take the pawn back but White hasn't risk in all variations.

It seemed everythind had just begun in the Russians' game but... It turned out as ICC server's mistakes. After long Alexander's thoughts the tournament is ended!
Morozevich-Kramnik (C45) - also draw! Everybody is too tired! :) In sharp variation of the Scottish with e4 pawn's sacrifice Kramnik didn't even try to save extra material. 13.g3 was played only once - Olsson-Lukacs, Budapest 1993. There was 13...0-0. Looks like Vladimir was slier developing the Bishop - 13...Bh3!?N. The b7 pawn was not defended ... but Kramnik gave it. Castled and defended all his "economy" he offered a draw - see, he believed in Mikki!