Internet Equipment

The accessories for playng chess via Internet.

     Equipment for playing via Internet allows you to play with a  remote player any place of the world he is this time. The light play between amateurs and even GMs are playing on the special sites (ICC). The players are seating at the computers using mouses. These games usually are blitz ones mainly for the reason to avoid computer's help. As once noticed Garry Kasparov such games turn into the competition who better wields a  mouse.
We offer chessplayers to play in habitual conditions: utilizing the electronic chessboard and digital clock supported with a  special software.

So, what is necessary to play with a  remote rival?
1. The electronic chessboard;
2. The digital clock;
3. The special software for the translation of moves to Internet;
4. A personal computer, connected to Internet;

The electronic chessboard recognizes pieces and their emplacement on the chessboard and give this information to your computer.

The electronic clock, except times, displays the moves, which have come from the remote rival and other information: the warning about an  incorrect move, suggestion of a  draw, resign and others.

The special software provides the information exchange between the rivals.
If you will have a  disare to watch your rival, you will be able to do it! You should only order the corresponding clock with a video-display.

You can also play with your computer or a  remote one.

The tournaments and even championships via Internet are now a  reality. Advantages of such games are demonstrable: the comfortable concentration of a  chessplayer on a  position in an  usual emplacement, absence of money risk etc. It's should be noticed the organizers' interest, who needn't worry about  a  transport, rent, accomodation charges.

The price of the equipment for Internet: $540.

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