Valerij Popov GM Valerij Popov annotates online the games of the 9th round:

July, 21 2001
Hello dear chess lovers! The not lovers we ask to leave! "Russian chess" in my person presents (rathe try) show you the 9th round of the supertournament in Dortmund. You will able with us not only to be bored near the monitors analysing the games of the elite chessplayers but also bravely break your monitors in assault of the excitement for the Russian participants.
In our next online report (according to many requests of chess fans) we will place the review of the market of cheap monitors - especially suitable for a "real sport fans".

Today are playing...
The Champions' game: Kramnik-Anand.
Braingames's Champion, playing with wite pieces will try to reach "not elite" (to all fans of vice-Champion cartel - a once more phrase of your favourite) Topalov, as well as to push down deaper... to the bottom of the tournament table his rival - the FIDE champion.

The game of the Elite: (there is such a party!):
Adams-Morozevich. The rivals compete for the 4th place in the World ranking table far away - there is a cause to disput one more time.

The game Simple:
Leko-Topalov. The chessplayers simply play chess, simply clearing who is the winner in the tournament...

No one meeting will give you to be bored - remain with us!

The openings review:
Kramnik-Anand (D27)
As usually firstly - nothing new. The Accepted Queens Gambit - Vishy's opening for "supers", Kramnik's variation 7.Bb3 - all as always ... With the move 11..Na5 Vishy first goes away from their recent game between the same rivals - there was 11...h6 ( Kramnik-Anand, Mainz rapid 2001 1/2), as looked rather suspiciously - h6-pawn became at once the target of the white pieces. The position after the Knight's jump on a5 met 2 times in practice, at that both times at the last FIDE WC in India: Tkachiev-Lesiege 1-0 and Gelfand-Shirov 1/2. Gelfand fighted not a long time after 12.d5?!, Tkachiev played similarly with Kramnik - Anand first went away from original: 13...Ra7!? - an interesting novelty, the Canadian's choice in favour of 14...g6?! (there it was a transposition of moves 13...Bb7) turned out to be unhappy. Vladimir sacrifice a pawn for the sake of activity (still is early to say about the victory) by way of
15.d5!? - he is strong in such positions, White has 2 Bishops, Black's pieces on the Queen side are no coordinated. The fight is in the future - true the game goes on the 2 results - hardly somebody will bet for the Blak's victory after 17...h5 ...

Adams-Morozevich (C03) - Here is also the old counts. The French Defence with 3.Nd2 Be7 - Morozevich's variation. Adams uses a rare variation 4.e5 , and to 4...Я5 - a more rare continuation 5.dc - the last time White try to fight for the advantage only with 5.Qg4 (for example see the game: Adams-Morozevich, Frankfurt West-Masters rapid 1999 0-1). On the board super-rare variation, naturally Russian first goes away completely from theoretical ways - 8...f6!? Again an interesting Black's novelty! Quickly Alexander gets a pawns center - the question is will Mikky will be able to undermine it suitable. If no - Black has the advantage.

Leko-Topalov (B30) - Well... We see that Peter has not still learned all theory - if on the 3rd move in reply to 2..Nc6 in Sicilian he transfer the Bishop on b5... The variation with 3...d6 relates nevertheless to B51 but not to B30 ...
With 6.h3 Peter repeats the recent Adams's games with Tiviakov and Jusupov from the Wijk aan Zee 2001. There in both games was played 6...Ne5 .
The move 6...a6 7.Bf1 e6 serve as an invitation to the French structures after
8.d4 - and here Leko gives a novelty
8.Na3!? - it seems that nobody played so here... it's not a fact that will do it in future.
Veselin trades the Knight over the e5-square with 10...Ne5 (if the space is less then it's in time) and after 14...d5 15.e5 the rivals flow along the French waterway... Here all will be decided not quickly because the center is closed... :)
The time control is approachs... but not to all. Got out of the distance the Champions. Better to say - the Hindu was brought out on the stretcher who was knok-outed by Vladimir. Bravo, Russian! All was interesting in this game but the most interesting was to Vladimir. He pleasured a lot!

So, let's start from the main:
Kramnik-Anand (D27)
After the break 15.d5! Black failed to capture on d5 with a piece - 16...Nd5 since 17.Qe4 g6 18.Bh6 with an extra Quality - it's impossible 18...Re8 19.Qd4 - with a double blow on the Rook Ю7 and the threate of mate on g7. The similar variation is possible in case of 15...Nd5. If 15...ed then after 16.Qh4 arised a structure from the game only with a couple of pieces what is obviously more profitable for White in the attack.
I am doubt in the move 13...Ra7 ... :).
The possibility for Black to strengthen the play I think may be looked for after a quiet move 18.Rfe1. 18...Nc6 certainly extarnely is right - the Knight is pulled to the theatre of the fighting acts but tactically is not justified. After
19.g4! the pawn is lost...This why supposed by the computer 18...Qc8! with an attack on Я2 and an idea Qg4 deserves a very steadfast attention! The endgame with an weakness on d5 and a broken Kingside certainly worse and hanged Vishy has not rendered any resistance - all 5 white pieces attacked the Black's redutes. The black once "relaxed". After 22...Ne4 in all variations the computer puts +-, but also didn't helped after 23.Bh6 Re8 24.Re3 with a difficult position for Black. As one of the last possibilities to fight in the game I would point 20...Nh7!? - with an idea to disturb the further opening of the black King after h5-h6.
The forces were today not equal. What is happened with Anand - there is no any firmness in the play...

Adams-Morozevich (C03)
Here also the chessplayer whose name is on "ю" don't show any firmness in the play. The multiple transfer of the white Queen (Qe2-e5-d4-c5(?)-e3 has not weakened Black at all. Rather in opposite helped him to develop completely all the fighting units. Mikky has not undermined the center. As a result Alexander launched first the active operations in the center and on the Kingside with
18...e4!?. It's like that not in Englishman style to meddle in any advantures. Calmer to play 18.Be2 but Adams accept the challenge
19.Be4 Morozevich needed just only this - for the pawn Moscower gains an irrational position with a half-opened King! Mikky simply failed to drive - he makes the computer moves but in an irrational play a human is stronger than the machine. Who don't believe must to read Bronstein! A poor Comp in all variants in this game first puts the advantage to White and then changes the valuation. Is it possible that the main mistake is 18.Be4?! Further all is rather force. In any case for White. Maybe only on the 22th move 22.Qa7 - (to eat a pawn!) - the computer's move is different with Mikky's one. Viva the Russian! And thanks for a human's chess!

Leko-Topalov (B51) The partners played easly and simply. Probably this why have not created something good :).
Leko pretended to attack on the Kingside, Topalov - to find a counterplay on the Queenside and in the center. The competitors completely belived to each other. As a result - the long Peter's meditations and given a pawn for him from Bolgarian as in a compensation for that. As a consequence a dull game on a little revolutions. It seems they will not be the generals...:) The Russians were today on an unattainable height - keep so!!!

Remain with us. All the best!
Take care!