IM Sergey Soloviov annotated online the games of the 2nd round:

July, 13 2001
We have not seen rather far away. During this time I have managed to play succesfully in several tournaments (and in one even shared the first place and got a GM norm). So, the annotation of strong tournaments is very useful!

Well, today we have:

Kramnik - Leko
A leaders' duel. Vladimir has not managed even one(!!) time to defeat Leko in classic chess. I think today he will pressure, I wish him a victory.

Morozevich - Topalov.
Alexander yesturday nicely has saved against the World Champion Anand, meanwhile Topalov with White failed to keep almost equal endgame vs Kramnik. Most likely Veselin will have today a not easy game.

Anand - Adams.
A very unsuitable rival waits today Mikky! I am his fan and hope that Adams will forget yesturdays failure and give a battle. I bet on a draw.

Follow the updates with us!

This is the first report from Dortmund today.

Kramnik - Leko E48.
Kramnik has used a novelty (at least I have not find an analog in all bases known to me) 10. Kh1.
It is difficult now to say something, let us wait what is goes on.

Morozevich - Topalov C42.
The partners still repeat the game Morozevich-Vladimirov from the last FIDE World Championship (New Delhi)), there Alexander played 11.Re1. Now he is thinking, we can suppose that he wants to play somehow otherwise.
P.S. When I wrote Morozevich has moved 11.Re1, but Topalov replyed 11...h6 (instead of 11...Qc8 as played Vladimirov)

Anand - Adams C42.
Mikky used another plan in compare with the yesturday game vs Leko 18...Bd6 (yesturday he played 18...Bf7)
White has a defenced pass pawn "d" , Black has 2 Bishops. I think that the position is equal.
Rather surprisingly how quickly Anand has delivered Adams! Draw on 21st move.

Follow the updates with us!

Well, today the participants play slowly. Almost two hours passed but the forces on the boards just only get in touch.

Kramnik - Leko.
After 17.Rxd1 White stands slightly better in the arisen position. There is an opportunity to pressure b7-pawn. As we know Kramnik's skill to play endgames one can suppose that he will try to get all what is possible from this game (true Leko also plays endgames rather not bad)

Morozevich - Topalov
After 15.dxc5 it is possible 15...Nxe3 16.Rxe3 dxc5 17.Qe2 and White has a perspective for an attack on the King (for example an attempt to place a battery Queen+Bishop on b1-h7 diagonal)

Really, today nobody is in a hurry.
During the last hour the participants have made 6 (!!) half-moves. The positions didn't changed essentially.
Kramnik has a slight advantage. Morozevich as we predicted has moved 17.Qe2 and then placed the second Rook on e1. Now it desired an attention for White 19.Ng3 with initiative.

Next time we 'll meet after the first time control.

Remain with us!

Has finished the first time control.
So, what happened in time troubles?

Kramnik - Leko.
Kramnik tryed very much but failed to realise the minimum of the advantage. With several correct moves Leko equalized the game (20...Be6!)
It is difficult to say where Vladimir could strengthen the game. Maybe he should play 26.Rd7 Bf6 27.Rad1 Rb5 28.Nd6 Rxb2 29.Ne4 with an advantage in a four Rooks endgame.
The result is a draw.

Morozevich - Topalov
Alexander played in his usual style. In my last report I supposed for White a calm 19.Ng3, but Alexander moved 19.Neg5! and impossible 19...hg 20.Nxg5 Bd6 21.Bb3! Bh2+ 22.Kh1 Be5 23.Bxe6 fe6 24.Qc2! g6 25.f4! with White's advantage.
Veselin has found a strong move 19...Rd6! and White reapiting the position played 21.Nfg5 excepting this resourse.
But 22.Qh5?! is an overabundance (22.Nh7!? Bxe4 23.Rxe4 with an initiative). Further perhaps became a time trouble, he has made some incorrect moves 24...g6 (better 24...Ne7), 25.Qh4? - after this White's game goes down.
After 29...Qb6!, 30...Be7! all became clear. The time trouble finished and Morozevich resigned.

Nevertheless Alexander is not stable very much.

So, the leaders remain the same: Kramnik and Leko - 1,5
Anand, Topalov - 1
Adams, Morozevich - 0,5