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Shahcom Company


Shahcom Company was created in 1990 by Boris Yeshan. From the beginning Shahcom's activities combined two directions: chess and computers. These two words comprise the name of the company. The main business of Company is a computerized demonstration service of games in the playing hall and live coverage in internet from different chess competitions. This became possible after the development of the first in Russia electronic chess board. Now in the world there are only two companies who produce such boards. Thanks to Chess Computer System "Shahcom" Shahcom have been of service to major international tournaments since 1994, such as follows:
- World Championship match Karpov - Kamsky, 1996
- World Children Rapid Chess Championship, Disneyland, Paris 1996
- Active Chess World Cup, Cap d'Agde, France 1998
- Blitz-match Kasparov - Kramnik, Moscow 1998
- Advanced chess match Kasparov - Topalov, Leon, Spain 1998
- Super-tournament "Lord Novgorod The Great", Novgorod, Russia 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997
- French Championship, Besancon, France 1999
- The Lausanne Young Masters Chess Tournament, Lausanne, Switzerland 1999, 2000, 2001
- The Europe-Asia Intercontinental Chess Match, Batumi, Georgia 2001
- The Distance Chess match Saint-Petersburg vs. Paris 2003
- The Distance Chess match between two Universities Moscow and Saint-Petersburg 2004
- 57th Russian Chess Championship, Saint-Petersburg 2004
- The Distance Chess Match St. Petersburg- New York 2005
- The distance chess simult by GM Alexei Dreev vs 6 Russian cities 2005
- The international super-tournament "Aerosvit", Foros, Ukraine 2006, 2007
- First ACP World Rapid Cup, January 4th - 8th, Odessa, Ukraine 2007
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Our main purpose is to provide a choice for spectators and organizers alike.

For this purpose computerized system Shahcom can be connected with all media standards which carry chess information (TV, Internet, chess databases).

In 1998 Shahcom patented a new perspective technology - Distance Chess. This is a play via internet over electronic chess boards. There have been provided several matches on the top level: Saint-Petersburg - Paris, Saint-Petersburg - New-York, a match between two Russian Universities: Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Vladimir Kramnik, Peter Svidler, Teimour Tadjabov, Alexander Khalifman, Viktor Korchnoi, Sergey Karjakin, Susan Polgar, Konstantin Sakaev, Boris Gulko, Loran Fressine, Alexander Onischuk and others. big black granny porn

One of the last Shahcom's development became the first in the World electronic draughts board, which has been tested at once on the World Draughts Championship in Holland.

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