Price for service (general remarks)

Price for service (general remarks)

The price of the service depends on configuration options chosen, the duration of a tournament, the number of players, etc. These technical choices are determined by organizers before the start of an event, depending, for example, on whether the organizers require PC's and projectors or if they are also need to be supplied.

General comments:

  1. The maximum use of system opportunities (all 4 complexes) not only provides the best possible representation of an event for spectators, but also appeals to sponsors and advertizers. It also saves the organisers additional expenses: for example, use of live transmission on TV or Internet can generate revenue by sale of advertising time or an exclusive right to businesses, and offset other costs, such as faxes.
  2. Use of more expensive, but better quality videoprojectors can be overall less expensive than TV sets because the system allows for each projector to show up to 6 games simultaneously.
  3. Added annotations allow immediate publication of printed materials from the tournament, utilizinging the dayly bulletin (the book with comments by GM Vasiukov on the World Championship Karpov-Kamsky in Elista was issued the next day after the match).
  4. Quality of equipment determines quality of the display. Usually it is possible to borrow or lease equipment in the town where the tournament is taking place.

Consideration of these factors adds to our main goal: to make spectators and organizers happy and to provide the best quality service at the best price. The general opinion of journalists of the full range of options of our system they saw at Elista, FIDE World Championship 1996, was that the system was outstanding!

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