What our system can do

Though our system in principle is similar to other existing systems, it is very different in practice. It provides functions that other systems simply do not possess. Display of moves is made at the actual speed moves are played on the board, and error-free. This is especially important for spectators in the case of blitz games, active chess or time trouble in FIDE-rated games.

Boris Yeshan and Anatoly Karpov

Advantages of our system

Our network system has unique advantages over other systems.

  1. Live broadcasting
    All the complexes work simultaneously in real time, i.e. demonstration of games, annotations, producing the express bulletin and transmission of moves, live broadcasting for TV and via Internet take place at the same time as play on the chess boards. This is not available with any other system.
  2. Choice of number of games displayed per screen
    According to the organizer's choice or the availability of projectors, we can display up to 6 games on one screen. This provides very flexible options for organizers and producers.
    For example, in a 12-player round robin (6 boards) you have the following possible combinations:
    • 1 projector displays 6 games
    • 2 projectors display 6 games or each of them displays 3
    • 3 projectors display 2 games each. In two latter cases, we can insert text, image, advertisements, and logo on the second half of the screen. For details, see display of games, from 1 to 6 boards
  3. Review and changing the size for a game displayed
    When one game is finished, we can review it a few times and then remove it from the screen and adjust the image to display the remaining games.
  4. Insert video image
    Our network provides the following choice. We broadcast in one single source (VGA) from 1 to 6 boards (from 2 to 12 players). In this signal, another video source (videocamera, videoplayer etc.) can be inserted (players, logos of sponsors or any other information).
  5. Transpose games
    Thanks to our network solution we can transpose games and video images from one screen to another.
  6. Extreme sensitivity of the chess board
    Each square of our chess board is extremely sensitive, in that the computer "sees" a piece, even if located at the edge of a square and in emergency cases there is the option or overridding the board position by the operator. This feature vastly reduces the possibility of a mistake for spectators.
  7. Choice of 16000000 colours!
    This function is very useful: organizers can choose a colour for each element displayed on the screen and TV sets - pieces, board squares, score sheets, players names, country, time, borders, backgrounds etc.
    This is very useful in adapting colours of a board to other video images.
  8. 2 minutes blitz is possible!!
    Instantaneous identification of pieces and moves permits broadcasting of high speed events like blitz games of only 2 minutes duration.
  9. Number of demonstration places is unrestricted
    Organizers have an unrestricted choice of places where games will be demonstrate - stage, press center, rest rooms, foyer, bar etc. Besides, there is a similar unrestricted choice of display possible at remote locations.
  10. Play with rules!
    Our system audits correct play by players and can signal to arbiter about any irregularities to the rules (an illegal move or 2 moves in a row in blitz games or in time trouble).
  11. Rewriting the last move
    If a player changes a move with the same piece the computer will rewrite this move automatically.
  12. Moves in vertical mode
    Spectators can see the notation of games in the same format as on a score sheet, i.e in vertical mode. This is more natural for chess players and very useful for spectators who arrive late since they can replay the opening for themselves.
  13. Express bulletin: clock times per move
    Clock times per move are posted what helps the chess journalist to annotate games.
  14. Computer analysis
    Journalists and spectators can consult a database and the most powerful chess computer programs to analyse games.

Note: the first 6 items listed above are unique to such systems.

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