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Books issued in before 1917

44-1836. "20 games of Capablanca with his own annotations", in German, 1910-20-ies,  $56.3.  Add to my cart  Top
44-1848. "Chess review". Year set of magazines of 1893,  $294.4.  Add to my cart  Top
44-1833. Berger, "Theory and practice of chess", in German, 1890,  $177.  Add to my cart  Top
44-1837. Dufresne, "A little manual of chess", 1890-1900, in German,  $77.  Add to my cart  Top
44-1838. Dufresne, "Manual of chess", 1897,
   The same, 2nd edition, 1911,  $140.8.    Add to my cart
44-1840. Dufresne, "Manual to study chess", 1897,  $29.4.  Add to my cart  Top
44-1841. Dufresne, "Manual to study chess", Chigorin, "Additions to the manual of chess", "Selected games of international tournaments (Nuernberg, 1896, Budapest, 1896, Berlin, 1897)", set of 3 books, 1896-98,  $240.6.  Add to my cart  Top
44-1834. Goncharov, "Brief manual of chess", 1914,  $166.  Add to my cart  Top
44-1835. Gottshal, "Adolf Andersen", in German, 1912,  $410.  Add to my cart  Top
44-1844. Maroczy, "Paul Morphy", in German, 1909,  $143.2.  Add to my cart  Top
44-1845. Neuman, "Chess. Manual for beginners", 1892,  $148.5.  Add to my cart  Top
44-1846. Preti, "Paul Morphy. Selected games", 1884,  $281.6.  Add to my cart  Top
44-1849. Schiffers, "Self-tutor of chess", 1907-17,
   The same, without a title-page,  $53.8.    Add to my cart
44-1851. Schlechter, "Accepted king gambit", in German, 1910-1920,  $43.5.  Add to my cart  Top
44-1852. Schmidt, "Systematic course of chess openings", in German, 1895,  $243.2.  Add to my cart  Top
44-1847. Tarrasch, "300 games", in German, 1909,  $140.8.  Add to my cart  Top
44-1842. Znosko Borovsky, "Capablanca. Attempt of a testimonial", 1911,  $99.8.  Add to my cart  Top
44-1843. Znosko Borovsky, "Ways of evolution of chess", 1910,  $148.5.  Add to my cart  /Store/Books_base/books.php?link=5#Top">Top

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