Chess Informant letter

Dear chess friends,

A few weeks since the beginning of the NATO agression against Yugoslavia we wrote to you with a kindly asking to help us by publishing the information on the position in which Chess Informant found itself. You did that and we are very grateful to you. Eighty days of bombardment of Belgrade and our country was the hardest period in the life of Chess Informant. The support we received from you and other our friends was very precious for us.

The war is over now. All the employees of Chess Informant and contruibutors are well. The damage which our printing house suffered has been repaired that much, so that the printing house can work almost normally now. All our efforts are directed now to the new volume of Chess Informant, volume 75, for which we hope will come out in its usual term - by the end of July.

I would like to thank you once again for all your support you offered to us in our difficult times.

Kindest regards, Milutin Kostic

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