Match Kasparov - Kramnik, Moscow

═27 -28 November1998

blitz chess

On the picture from left to right: Boris Yeshan - President of the Shahcom Company, Garry Kasparov, Vadim Bereslavski - General Manager of the Casino "Cosmos", Vladimir Dvorkovich - chief of the press-center, Vladimir Kramnik.

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World #1 Garry Kasparov (2815 FIDE) and #3 ranked Vladimir Kramnik (2780 FIDE) will play a special 24-game blitz chess match in Moscow on November 27 and 28. The two Super-Grandmasters will play 12 games each day, beginning at noon EST (5pm GMT). The prize fund is $24,000 , and will be awarded as $1000 per win, and $500 per draw. This should promote fighting chess!

The Casino "Cosmos" in Moscow is sponsoring the event, and the ICC has the exclusive rights of live broadcast medium for the event.

The event will be transmitted live to ICC members holding tickets for the event. Observers on the ICC will be able to watch the games, chat with the other observers, and see the commentary of Grandmasters and other strong players. World Champion Kasparov's comments before and after the match will be relayed to the ICC spectators.

The chief arbiter of the event - international arbiter Boris Postovsky.

This is the first pay-per-view event on the ICC.


24 game match. 12 games on Friday Nov 27. 12 games on Saturday Nov 28. Games start at 8 p.m. Moscow time (5 p.m. GMT) each day. One game starts each 15 minutes (12:00, 12:15, 12:30, etc.), with a 30-minute break after the 6th game each day. Kasparov get White in the first game on Friday. Kramnik gets White in the first game on Saturday.

Games are played in The Casino of the Cosmos Hotel in Moscow.


Both player start with 5 minutes on the clock. If a player has less than 20 seconds, then his clock will not move for the first 2 seconds when it his his turn. A further complication is that if a player moves in under 2 seconds, the opponent gets that time added to his clock, but only if he has over 20 seconds. Don't worry if you don't understand this!


An Electronic Sensory Board (by Shahcom, Russia ) and Electric Buttons will serve as clock press signaling units. The move and clock information will be transmitted immediately to the ICC server over the internet. Each player has a clock button on his right! No arguments about placement of the clock. The Sensory board is very advanced, recognizing that pieces might get knocked over, and properly handling castling and en passant. It also handles pre-moving (the opponent replies before the move is actually completed). If the board gets totally messed up, it can switch from sending individual moves to sending the whole position to ICC.

The match will be interesting because of the new technology, in addition to the fact that this is the strongest blitz match in history! ═