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In our school the personal lessons, advices and consultations on all the problems of chess theory and practical play can be given for chess players of various strength and any level of chess education.
We have provided both the internal and extra-mural forms of instruction as well as the Internet tuition including online studies. If you like to improve your skill in chess play, our experts will analyze your games and positions you are interested in. You can choose the consultant among our specialists at your discretion - perhaps, the games played and annotated by them will help you to make a choice. The list of consultants is not so short. Many other Russian grandmasters and masters could help you to answer your questions.
The internal form of instruction and training implies that you assume your visit to Saint-Petersburg or the invitation of our expert to your place.
We accept now the payments by credit cards.
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Mark Taimanov Mark Taimanov
International Grandmaster Mark Taimanov was one of the best chess-players all over the World for more than half a century. Mark Taimanov was twice the World Championship challenger (1953, 1971), Chess Olympiad World Champion (1956), four times the European champion, World Champion among students (1955), two times the World Champion among seniors (1993, 1994), USSR Champion (1956), the winner and prizewinner of more than 80 international tournaments.
Taimanov is the author of more than 20 books in theory and practice of chess, published in different countries and in many languages. He is a competent researcher and a chess expert.

Mark Taimanov annotates the game
Aronian, L - Rozentalis, E , FIDE World championship, 1999

Sergey Ivanov Sergey Ivanov,
International Grandmaster since 1995, ELO by 1.07.2000 - 2574, was born in 1960. He was a champion of Leningrad and St. Petersburg in 1991, 1992, 1994, the winner of the team competitions: Russia Team Championship-1992 (club "Saint-Petersburg") and 2000 (club "Lentransgas"), Sweden team championship-1999 , 2000 (club "Sollentuna"), Poland team championship-1990 (club "Belsko-Biala"), the winner of the international tournaments: Belsko-Biala (Poland) 1989, Chelyabinsk (Russia) 1991, Katowice-1993, Rilton Cup - Stockholm (Sweden)-2000.
Sergey Ivanov is the chairman of the Trainer's Board of the Saint-Petersburg Chess Federation.
The experience of his trainer's activity: Sergey Ivanov was a second of Alexander Khalifman, Gata Kamsky, Vladimir Epishin and other grandmasters and masters.

Sergey Ivanov annotates the game
Kasparov, G - Topalov, V, Wijk aan Zee, 1999
GM Sergey Ivanov annotates the game Svidler-Anand (Dos Hermanas, 1999)

Sergey Ionov Sergey Ionov
International Grandmaster, ELO 2550. He is the winner of the Russia Team Cup in 1992, Russia Junior champion (under 18) in 1977, the Champion of Saint-Petersburg in 1992.
Sergey Ionov is the winner of the Russia Team Championships-1992 (club "Saint-Petersburg") and 2000 (club "Lentransgas").
Sergey Ionov is the longstanding trainer of the International Grandmaster Valery Salov.

Sergey Ionov annotates the game
Najer (2500) - Ionov (2553), Petrov Memorial, St.-Petersburg, 1998

Valerij Popov Valerij Popov
International Grandmaster since 1999, was born in 1974, the highest ELO is 2582 by 01.01.99. He is the Vice-Champion of Saint-Petersburg in 1998.
Valerij Popov is the member of the team " The Kings of Saint-Petersburg" (the club "Lentransgas"), the Champion of Russia in 2000.
Valerij Popov is the winner of Saint-Petersburg's Cup in rapid chess in 1995 and 2000, he took 1-2 places in Krasnodar-98, shared the 3rd place in Cappele-la Grande, 1-7 places in Pardubice-99, 2nd place in Kharkov-2000, shared the 2nd place in Chigorin Memorial in Saint-Petersburg in 1994, the 3rd place in Cozalin in 1998, 1-4 places in "White Nights", Saint-Petersburg in 1998 and 2nd place in 1997, 5-11 places (a qualifying place) in the Russia Championship 98, shared the 3rd place in Minsk-98, the 2nd place in Cherepovets-97.
Valerij Popov has the experience of the constant trainer's activity since 1991.

Evgeniy Solozhenkin Evgeniy Solozhenkin
International grandmaster. ELO is 2506 (the best ELO 2565 by 01.07.96).
The champion of Leningrad and Saint-Petersburg in 1986, 1998. The champion of Russia (club "Saint-Petersburg") in 1992, the champion of France (club "Auxerre") in 1998.
The winner of international tournaments: Reggio Emilia-1998, Cappele-la Grande-1993, Heart of Finland-1998 and others.
Coaching experience: Georgia (Z. Tkebuchava became the champion of Georgia under 12 years old (in 1992) and under 16 years old (in 1994), Russia (the assistance to World Champion Alexander Khalifman at the World Championship in 1997), France (courses for players of different levels).

Andrey Lukin Andrey Lukin
International Master since 1994, Master since 1965, ELO rating 2439, was born in 1948.
Andrey Lukin was five times the champion of Leningrad and Saint-Petersburg: in 1972, 1978,1981,1983,1988, the winner of the Great Sport Festival of the USSR peoples in 1975,1983 as the member of the Leningrad's team, he took the 3rd place in Russia Club Championship in 1995 as a member of Saint-Petersburg's club.
Andrey Lukin is the winner of the international tournament in Nalenczow (Poland) 1981, the winner of the Sport society "Zenit" championships, 1-2 places in the semifinal of the Russia championships, Yaroslavl, 1982, 2 place - Vrozlav (Poland) 1980, in the international tournaments "White Nights" he shared 2-3 places in 1984 and 3-4 places in 1989.
In 1990-1993 Andrey Lukin was the coach of GM Konstantin Sakaev (during this time K.Sakaev passed the way from master to grandmaster, became twice the World champion among juniors and the Champion of Saint-Petersburg).
Since 1993 and now Andrey Lukin has been the trainer of GM Petr Svidler.

Alexey Yuneev Alexey Yuneev
Was born in 1957. International master since 1994. Elo rating by 01.07.2000 is 2430. The champion of Leningrad in 1989. The Senior coach of the Olympic Children & Junior Chess School in St. Petersburg. Worked with IGM Leonid Yudasin during 1983-1991 (when he became the USSR champion and was included in the USSR Olympic team, the winner of the Olympiad in 1990), IGM Sergey Ivanov (since 1984). The coach of St. Petersburg junior teams that won Russia championships in 1987, 1994, 2000. He has brought up three international masters, many rated chess players.

Sergey Klimov Sergey Klimov
international master, ELO is 2430, Russian Juniors U18 Championship 1996 - 3-6 places, Stockholm 1998 - 2nd place, Stockholm-1999 - 1-2 places.
Sergey Klimov annotates the game
A.Grischuk (2550) - S.Klimov (2430), M.I.Chigorin Memorial, St.-Petersburg, 1999

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