European Club Cup 2002, Chalkidiki, Greece, 21st - 29th September.
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The team Bosna from Saraevo, BIH became the winner of the European Club Cup 2002 , which took place in Chalkidiki, Greece 21st - 29th September.
The 49 strongest teams of Europe participated in this event. The great names of World Chess consisted all these teams. Among them: Aleksander Grischuk, Peter Svidler, Joel Lautier, Etienne Bacrot (all "NAO Chess Club"), Michael Adams, Aleksey Shirov, Ivan Sokolov, Teimur Radjabov (all "Bosna"), Vassily Ivanchuk, Judith Polgar (both "Polonia GSM plus"), Konstantin Sakaev, Sergey Volkov, Victor Korchnoi, Valerij Popov, Sergey Ivanov (all "Lentransgaz" Saint-Petersburg) and others.
The final standings of the leaders :
1. Bosna, BIH, 12(27,5)
2. Norilsky Nikel, RUS, 12(27,0)
3. Polonia Plus GSM, POL, 11(29,5)
4. NAO Chess Club, FRA, 11(24,0)
5. Danko Donbass, UKR, 10(27,0)
6. Ladia-Kazan-1000, RUS, 10(26,5)
7. BM Kisela Voda, MKD, 10(26,5)
8. CSUTI A. SK Zalaegerszeg, HUN, 9(26,5)
9. Chess Club Alkaloid, MKD, 9(24,5)
10. Tomsk-400, RUS, 9(23,5)
11. Saint-Petersburg LTG, RUS, 9(23,0)

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