A match between Veselin Topalov and Dieter Nisipeanu,Bucharest, 6-9 April

/Images/Players/Small/topalovnisipeanu.jpg" align="left" alt="Veselin Topalov vs Liviu Nisipeanu"> A match between the World champion Veselin Topalov and the actual European champion Dieter Nisipeanu took place in Bucharest, 6-9 April 2006 under the highest command of the Romanian President , who made the first move in the game. There was 4 games, each game started at 14.30 local time, 13.30 CET. Time control was 40 moves / 2hours, then 20 moves / 1 hour then 15 min and 30sec/move for the rest of the game. Commentators: GM Mihail Marin, IM Mircea Pavlov and IM Andrei Cioara did live commentary in Cairo hall. GM Dorian Rogozenko did live commentary on internet.
Veselin Topalov won with the score 3:1
Game 1 Nisipeanu - Topalov 1/2
Game 2 Topalov - Nisipeanu 1-0
Game 3 Nisipeanu - Topalov 1/2
Game 4 Topalov - Nisipeanu 1-0
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