The 1st in draughts history Distance Draughts match, 2 March

/Images/Banners/drequip.jpg" align="left" alt="Distance draughts eqipment"> The 1st in draughts history Distance Draughts match took place 2 March 2006. The participants were: 3 time World Champion, international grand master A.Georgiev (Saint Petersburg) and ex-World Champion A.Shvartsman (Moscow) . The opponents were located on the long distance between each other in their native city. They used /Store/Internet/drequip.html"> electronic draughts board "Shahcom" . The moves by players have been transmitted on the opponent's clock over the internet.
Match started at 19-00 (+3 GMT) Moscow time. We gave /Online/shashki/DD.html"> live coverage of the games.
1st game: Georgiev - Shvartsman 1/2
2nd game: Shvartsman - Georgiev 1/2
/Online/shashki/game000.pdn"> The games in PDN-format
/Online/shashki/photo.html"> Photogallery