Mark Taimanov is 80!

/Archive/Images/Players/Small/Taimanov1.jpg" align="left" alt="Mark Taimanov"> Mark Taimanov is 80! International Grandmaster Mark Taimanov was one of the best chess-players all over the World for more than half a century. He was twice the World Championship challenger (1953, 1971), Chess Olympiad World Champion (1956), four times the European Champion, World Champion among students (1955), two times the World Champion among seniors (1993, 1994), USSR Champion (1956), the winner and prizewinner of more than 80 international tournaments. Taimanov is the author of more than 20 books in theory and practice of chess, published in different countries and in many languages. He is a competent researcher and a chess expert. As professional pianist Mark Taimanov was included in number 1000 of the best musical performers of 20th century. The warmest congratulations to our remarkable author, commentator and trainer (see /School/main.php"> School) !