Grand-Prix Thise Echecs.
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Grand-Prix Thise Echecs , 1st Queens' Challenge, chess matchs Men vs Women.
The first Queen's Challenge took place in Besancon (France) March 9 and 10 in Hotel Novotel. This original event is organized by Thise Chess Club in a partnership with Europe Echecs. The matchs were played in 6 rounds (sudden death for tie break) with a time control of 5 mn + 3 s per move. They oppose two french top players to two world women stars.
Participants : Almira Skripchenko 2459 FRA, Zawadzka Jolanta 2363 POL, Robert Fontaine 2537 FRA, Alexei Chernuschevich 2527 FRA.
Final result:
1 Robert Fontaine
2 Alexei Chernuschevich
3 Almira Skripchenko
4 Zawadzka Jolanta
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