Eurotel knockout tournament , 27th April - 5th May, Prague
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/Images/Players/Small/anand.jpg" align="left" alt="Viswanathan Anand" border=0> Viswanathan Anand is the winner of the Eurotel knockout tournament , which took place 27th April - 5th May in Prague.
32 of the best players in the World competed for a prizefund 500,000 euros with a mixture of rapid (early rounds) and classical (final) chess.
The table (semi-final and final)
Ivanchuk /Images/table/center.gif"> 1/2,1/2
Anand 1/2,0-1
Karpov /Images/table/center.gif"> 1/2,1/2
Shirov 1-0,1-0
/News/2002/Prague/prague.html"> Results (rounds 1-3)
/Java/2002/Prague/viewer.html"> View games round1 day1
/Java/2002/Prague/"> Games in PGN round1 day1
/Java/2002/Prague/r1d2/viewer.html"> View games round1 day2
/Java/2002/Prague/r1d2/"> Games in PGN round1 day2
/Java/2002/Prague/r2/viewer.html"> View games round2
/Java/2002/Prague/r2/"> Games in PGN round2
/Java/2002/Prague/r3/viewer.html"> View games of quarter finals
/Java/2002/Prague/r3/"> Games in PGN (quarter finals)
/Java/2002/Prague/r4/viewer.html"> View games of semi finals
/Java/2002/Prague/r4/"> Games in PGN (semi finals)
/Java/2002/Prague/r5/viewer.html"> View games of the final
/Java/2002/Prague/r5/"> Games in PGN (final)
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