Complete Chess Match, 10-13 February.
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Complete Chess Match between the young talents Daniel Stellwagen (16, The Netherlands) and David Baramidze (15, Germany) took place in the Centre Ceramique in Maastricht, The Netherlands 10-13 February.
The players were allowed to use computers like in advanced chess and get the time limits from classic chess. Both players were free to use ChessBase software during the game. The available time was 40 moves in 2 hours and 20 moves in 1 hour.
Game 1 February 10
Baramidze - Stellwagen 1-0
Game 2 February 11
Stellwagen - Baramidze 1-0
Game 3 February 12
Baramidze - Stellwagen ½
Game 4 February 13
Stellwagen - Baramidze 1-0
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