Match St. Petersburg - Paris, May 28
The distance chess match Saint-Petersburg vs. Paris took place May 28 2003, at the day of celebration of the 300 years anniversary of Saint-Petersburg.
The score of the match 2.5:1.5 in favour of Saint-Petersburg .
The results:
1. Karjakin - Sakaev ½
2. Korchnoi - Fressinet 1-0
3. Radjabov - Svidler ½
4. Khalifman - Kramnik ½
See /News/2003/Distmatch/distmatch1.html"> the detailed information about the match.
Besides, see /News/2003/Distmatch/distmatch.html"> the photoreport about the match, /News/2003/Paris/paris.html"> the photoreport about the preparation for the match and the web page written about the match by Yuri Vasilev , the reporter of the most popular Russian sport newspaper Sport-express
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