The 16th Ciudad de Leon, June 5th-9th.
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/Images/Players/Small/Ponomariov.jpg" align="left" alt="Ruslan Ponomariov"> Ruslan Ponomariov won The 16th Ciudad de Leon chess tournament, which took place June 5th-9th in Leon, Spain. It was a quadrangular knockout rapid tournament.
The participants: Ruslan Ponomariov 2734 UKR, Vesselin Topalov 2743 BUL, Sergey Karjakin 2547 UKR and Francisco Vallejo Pons 2629 SPA.
The results:
6th June - First Semi final: Topalov - Karjakin 2.5:1.5
7th June - Second Semi final : Ponomariov - Vallejo 3.5:0.5
8th June - Final : Ponomariov - Topalov 2.5:1.5
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