Spanish Team Championship, Lanzarote 6th - 14th May.
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The club C.A. Marcote became the winner of The Spanish Team Championship , which took place 6th - 14th May in the 5 stars hotel "Princessa Yaiza" on the Lanzarote (Canary Islands). Many top GMs took part in this event and among them Anatoly Karpov RUS 2686, Alexander Khalifman RUS 2702, Nigel Short ENG 2686, Ivan Sokolow NED 2677, Loek Van Wely NED 2675, Joel Lautier FRA 2666, Igor Khenkin GER 2644, Gurevich Mikhail BEL 2635, Francisco Vallejo Pons SPA 2645, Alexander Graf GER 2630 etc.
The final standings of the club teams:
1 C.A. Marcote 25
2 C.A. Tiendas UPI 22.5
3 C.A. Valencia - Grupo Bali 21
4 C. A. CajaCanarias 18.5
5 C.A. Ibercaja 18
6 C.A. La Caja de Canarias 17.5
7 C.E.Foment Martinenc 16
8 C.A Alzira Hilaturas - Presencia 15
9 R.E Labradores - Pub Magia 13.5
10 C. A. Vulca - Barcelona 13
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