The 3-d National and International Chess Meeting.
Cap d'Agde (France), 25-31 October 1998

"Active Chess World Cup"

The table of the final stage in the knock-out system.

The first named is white in the first game

28/10  --->
 KARPOV (1-0,0-1,1-0,1\2)                            
                30/10                ----->
   KARPOV (1-0,1/2)          
28/10  --->
 BACROT (1-0,1-0)                            
  Karpov (1/2,1/2,0-1,1-0,1/2,1-0)
29/10  --->
 GUELFAND (1/2,1-0)                          
                30/10                ----->
   GUELFAND (2-0)                    
29/10  --->
 IVANTCHOUK (1-0,1-0)                                

The results

All games of the 1-st stage in the pgn-format

All games of the final stage in the pgn-format

Two games of the match Bacro - Virtual Chess 2 (computer program) in the pgn-format

The "Rencontre of the continents" named by FIDE "World Cup" started in the south of France, near Montpellier October 25th. The tournament combines closed tournaments + KO system, all games being played 25 min + 10 sec (Fischer). 2 groups of 8 players are play a round robin up to Tuesday night. The first 4 of each group will qualify for a K.O system tournament. The big surprise of the first round was the defeat of Judit Polgar vs Kobese. A Virtual Chess 2-Bacrot match is schedulded on Friday. Three open tournaments have started on Saturday (about 200 players).

GROUPE A                        GROUPE B
(Elo 2592)                      ( Elo 2595)

A. KARPOV               2725    V. IVANTCHOUK     2730
J. POLGAR               2665    B. GUELFAND       2675
Z. AZMA–ěPARACHVILI      2655    U. ADIANTO        2610
I. ROGERS               2605    I. MOROVIC        2605
I. DORFMAN              2585    T. DAO            2580
H. HAMDOUCHI            2555    E. BACROT         2555
G. VESCOVI              2525    W. ARENCIBIA      2550
W. KOBESE               2415    E. MOHAMED        2455