The distance chess match Saint-Petersburg vs. Paris .

   The distance chess match Saint-Petersburg vs. Paris took place May 28 2003, at the day of celebration of the 300 years anniversary of Saint-Petersburg.
The technology of distance chess and the electronic equipment (chess boards and clocks) are developed and patented by the Saint-Petersburg Company "Shahcom" , which provided the technical part of the match in Saint-Petersburg and Paris and online broadcast of the games on its site
  For the Saint-Petersburg team played:
1. Aleksander Khalifman - The Winner of the FIDE World Chess Championship 1999, Champion of Russia, many times Champion of the World Chess Olympiads; International Grandmaster
2. Peter Svidler - three-times Champion of Russia, many times Champion of the World Chess Olympiads; International Grandmaster
3. Victor Korchnoi - two times took part in the finals of the World Championships, many times Champion of the World Chess Olympiads; International Grandmaster
4. Konstantin Sakaev - The Champion of Russia, many times Champion of the World Chess Olympiads; International Grandmaster
Reserve chessplayer - the youngest Grandmaster of Russia Evgeny Alekseev .
The commentators in Saint-Petersburg's studio - ex-World Chess Champions Anatoly Karpov and Boris Spassky .
The chief of the Saint-Petersburg press-centre - 5 times Champion of Leningrad, Champion of USSR, Champion of the World Chess Olympiad, International Grandmaster Mark Taimanov .
  For the "NAO chess club" team played:
1. Vladimir Kramink - The Classical World Chess Champion; International Grandmaster
2. Teimour Radjabov - The Finalist of the Moscow FIDE Grand Prix 2002; International Grandmaster
3. Laurent Fressinet - The Champion of Paris in 2002; International Grandmaster
4. Sergey Karjakin - The youngest Grandmaster in the World (12 years old).
Reserve chessplayer - International Grandmaster Igor-Alexandre Nataf .
The commentator in Paris's studio - Joel Lautier .
The chief arbiter - International arbiter Geurt Gijssen (Netherlands). He was a referee in Saint-Petersburg. The arbiter in Paris was an International arbiter Yakov Damsky (Russia).
  The opening ceremony started at 4 p.m. Moscow time (+3 GMT). The first game has begun at 4-15 p.m. (+3 GMT). The games have been played one after another. The interval between the games - 10 minutes.
The press-conference of the match has been held 26 May at 4 p.m. (+3 GMT) in the International Media Centre of celebration of the 300 years anniversary of Saint-Petersburg, on the Italianskaya street 27. In the press-conference took part: the ex-World Chess champions Anatoly Karpov and Boris Spassky , the participant of the match Victor Korchnoi and the chief of the press-centre Mark Taimanov . The Great Grandmasters pointed the perspectives of the Distance chess in a future.
  See the photoreport about the preparation for the match.
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  Some extracts from the article:
Aleksander Zhukov , the President of the Russian Chess Federation:
"Surely, we will arrange such events in the future, as the teams of any level even of the highest one can take part in them. The Match was very spectacular. Especially I liked the annotations of Spassky and Karpov."
Kirsan Ilumzhinov , the President of FIDE:
"This match is an excellent method of the popularization of chess! Now it is possible to arrange the matches between continents, countries and cities without expenses for planes and hotels. I do not exclude that this invention can be used in the qualification competitions of the FIDE World Championships."
Geurt Gijssen , the Chief arbiter of the match:
"The match is an exceptionally important event! Nowadays, when the organizers have the serious troubles with the getting of money for the expenses connected with the arrangement of chess tournaments Distance chess opens the excellent perspectives."
Peter Svidler , Grandmaster, the participant of the match:
"It is very important that the arbiter is being presented at the same playing room. And if you can see your opponent on a monitor then all the questions are dropped. We have to support the people who try to invent something new in our game. I do not think that this kind of chess can be used in the official events, but I think Distance chess can be as a standard of such shows which unite the Chess World and gain a grandiose auditorium."
Vladimir Kramnik , the Classical World Chess Champion:
"A lot of people play in internet. I play there rather rarely because I do not wield the PC mouse so good. But it was rather pleasured to play over the "live" chess board and I had a full feeling that I played a normal tournament game. I think Distance chess has a good future."
Joel Lautier , Grandmaster, the annotator of the match in Paris:
"The most important in this match is that the new technologies come in chess, now it is possible to play not going far away. It is good that people will come to chess clubs more often to take part in such events. Today's match is a great achievement."
  The organizational committee will appreciate any of suggestions regarding the distance chess development. Please, write [email protected]

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