Electronic draughts board

Electronic draughts board

Our board's features include:
  • play games against your Internet opponent on a real board linked to your computer
  • analyze games and positions with the computer
  • save games and analysis in PGN or TXT formats in convenient, ready to publish form
  • play games against your computer
  • search chess databases for board positions
  • The draughts board can work as a stand-alone device or as part of a more extensive modular system, which allows you to play against your computer or online through the Internet. With sophisticated but simple-to-use software it transmits and receives moves to and from the server, registering the incoming moves on the digital clock .

    The Shahcom electronic draughts board is made of quality hardwood with inlaid squares. The tournament size board consists of 45x45 mm squares 18 mm thick. Each square of the draughts board is extremely sensitive and the computer "sees" a draught even at the edge of a square. Analyzing with the three dimensional draughts board you can focus your attention completely on the board which is much less distracting and less tiring than watching a computer monitor. You can look at the monitor only when you want to know what the computer thinks of your analysis. Electronic draughts board is connected to a computer's standard serial port on an IBM PC compatible computer.

    The price of the board depends of the supporting software. The lowest price is $520.

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