Electronic clock "Shahcom".
Electronic clock Electronic clock
The clock of XXI century

The clock is unique in 4 positions:
1 . Utilizing it you are able to play against a remote rival over the Internet or vs computer without using a mouse. This advantage allows rivals to play in the equal conditions (independently of who better wields a mouse), feel free in a habitual environment and to avoid a tiredness and the computer's influence on your health.
2 . Although the clock is an electronic one with all their advantage in compare with a mechanical clock (a correct set of the time, a possibility to set different time control, a correct time of "flag's fall" and others) our clock use a only advantage of a mechanical clock - a visual method of "flag's raise" to definite a remaining time - with the eye's edge a player can watch a decreasing of a light line, at that it's not necessary to have a look under the flag :)
3 . This is a only clock, which uses besides the well-known time controls also a Kasparov one - time stops in a control zone in a case, when a player plays faster than a certain period of time (for example, 2 sec.), which allows him to win confidently a technically winning positions. 4 . Together with the electronic chess board the clock could by use to take control of the move's legality.
Between the other clock's advantages:
Bullet The height of digits (20mm) and a technical realization displays (LED instead of JK) provides a high quality time display.
Bullet The buttons have a LED illumination from beneath, which lights when the time switch on and you can see the side to move from far away.
Bullet The buttons are mechanically independent, which don't allows to one of players keep the button of his rival.
Bullet When you push the button it makes no noise but you "feel" a click due to a quiet beep.
Bullet    The clock is a very easy to use - besides a button to switch the time a player can reach also only one button - "Stop".
Bullet There are a large number of the time control: without adding the time, with adding the time (Fisher mode), with delaying the time (Bronstein mode) and with stopping the time (Kasparov mode). Provided are prefabricated programs and a possibility to set your own time control.
Bullet The procedure to set a time control is very easy and use only 3 buttons placed on the bottom.
Bullet The clock could be use either as an alone device or connected to a computer which allows to make a time-keeping of the moves.
The cost of the clock:
- with connection to Internet - $85      Fill out a form to order a clock
- without it - $75

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